The Center for the Rule of Law, chaired by the Honorable Ronald A. Cass, is a non-profit enterprise dedicated to educating the public about issues affecting the rule of law. The Center’s legal scholars and policy experts analyze the rule of law dimensions in matters ranging across regulation, litigation, international trade rules, competition law, property rights, intellectual property, securities and corporation law, administrative and constitutional law, and other governmental decisions.

Our scholars engage in writing ranging from opinion and editorial commentary pieces to white papers to academic articles to monographs. They appear in news outlets, on television and radio programs, at public debates, on educational panels, and in academic lectures.

Current Scholars and Adjunct Scholars include:

Ronald A. Cass, Dean Emeritus of Boston University School of Law and
Former Vice-Chairman of the United States International Trade Commission

Jean-Pierre Centi, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Economics and Professor
of Economic Science, Universit√© d’Aix-Marseile III.

Enrico Colombatto, Professor of Economics at University of Torino, Italy, and
Director of the International Centre for Economic Research, Torino, Italy

Keith N. Hylton, Professor and Paul J. Liacos Scholar, Boston University
School of Law

Michael S. Knoll, Earle Hepburn Professor of Law, University of Pennsylvania
Law School & Professor, Wharton School of Business

Henry G. Manne, Dean Emeritus, George Mason University School of Law and
founder of the Law & Economics Center, George Mason University

William H. Page, Professor of Law and Marshall M. Criser Eminent Scholar,
University of Florida Fredric G. Levin College of Law.

Additional Adjunct Scholar appointments are currently being reviewed.